Sunday, June 3, 2012

He Must Increase - Day 154

The church is one wild and wacky group of people. The church includes kings and paupers, punks and rockers. We've got tortured souls and people stuck on permanent grin. There are people working through serious issues and people testifying about those issues from the victor's corner. We've got baby Christians who are so excited and the pillars of the faith...who sometimes crack a smile. We've got workers, thinkers, speakers, leaders, visionaries, helpers, and even those darn administrators (like me). We've got scholars, and brawlers, and radical reformers. We've got the frozen chosen and the charismaniacs, and people in between. We have people who won't listen and people who won't speak up. We've got people who are passionate and people who are passive. We have scientists, toddlers, accountants, cross-fit instructors, teachers, lawyers, farmers, and Wal-Mart employees. Did I mention that the church is on wild and wacky group of people? And yet God in his infinite wisdom calls these people his own. He has seen to it that we all come to him on the same terms; through faith in Jesus Christ. He was assembled this ragtag group of people to be his representatives on earth on his companions for all eternity. He has gifted some to be mighty leaders and even those people that seem superfluous are of great importance. The church has brought me some of my greatest moments of joy, and caused me some pain at times. It's given me my greatest friends, and the church even brought forth my lovely wife. The church has been there for me when I've been down, and it's rejoiced with me when I've rejoiced. I want to say this Sunday morning...unashamedly...I love Christ's church.

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: Job 9-10

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