Monday, May 21, 2012

He Must Increase - Day 141

My fellow Oregonians will agree that we have had unseasonably warm and dry weather the last two weeks. It's been interesting because we don't normally get nice weather until July! People have had the shorts on, we've had to mow the lawn twice a week, and it honestly started feeling like summer. But then it started raining again yesterday. And today it's pouring. And the forecast is rain...until Jesus comes back. (Slight exaggeration) But you know I found myself feeling thankful today. Not for the rain, but for the two full weeks of nice weather. For the chances to go cycling. For the BBQ's with friends. I'm choosing to be thankful for what I've been given instead of pining away over what I'd like to have. I guess the moral of the story today is choose gratitude. Choose to find what is right with your life. If God gives you rain; go dance in the rain.

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: Ezra 1-3

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