Friday, May 11, 2012


Last night we had fun. I was irresponsible and took the family out to dinner...but I don't regret it. We found the motor home we're taking on Sabbatical and drove it around the block several times to see how it rides. We at dessert...yes I know; on a school night? We stayed up too late, skipped chores, and had an all around good time. I for the first time in a few months I felt like the dad I want to be. Fun, impulsive, silly, generous, and loving. I'm not usually the opposite of all that, but sometimes the monotony sucks the joy out of life. I want to enjoy my kids and family more often and not just "survive". I'm ready for the sabbatical, and feeling blessed that I've got a family who actually wants to spend some extended time together. Thanks Father.

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: 1 Chronicles 2-5

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