Saturday, May 5, 2012

He Must Increase - Day 125

Last night I had the opportunity to watch Marvel's new "Avengers" movie and it was spectacular. There was the usual amount of action, comic relief, amazing special effects, and a cameo by Stan Lee! There was scene that really gripped me. The super villain Loki (Norse mythological god)corrals a group of people and makes them bow down to him. He says something like this to them, "Humans were made for subjugation".

My initial response to that was to think "no way punk!" But as I sat there I realized he was exactly right. All people on planet earth are under some kind of subjugation. Oh, they'd argue with you about it....but it's true. We are meant to live our lives in submission to the gracious God of Heaven. He is the source of life, kindness, love, and blessings. We are meant to bow a knee to this Heavenly Father; designed to live under his benevolent rule. But many defy his rule in favor of their own. Ironically, being free from God, or even the belief in God, leads people under a different subjugation. Their freedom from God, enslaves them to their own sin, and ultimately they live with a defiant knee bowed to an invisible and merciless being. While one Master gives eternal life and freedom from bondage; the other promises to bring destruction upon you when his own ships goes down. Life or death. Freedom or bondage. Kindness or cruelty. There is no middle ground, or third option. Loki was right; human are made for subjugation." But which master you subject yourself to is your choice.

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: 1 Chronicles 12-14

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