Wednesday, May 2, 2012

He Must Increase - Day 122

In sales they talk about "the big ask". The big ask is when you attempt to close the deal. You take the time to share the product information, you answer any questions, and then you ask them if they are going to buy it. You've had sales people ask, "How can I help you drive this home today?" Or, "shall I wrap it up for you?" Or, "are you ready to take one home?" It might seem a little pushy, but those sales people are just doing their jobs. Their job is to sell people on their product. And, unfortunately, sales people sell you on their product whether they believe in the product or not. How much simpler for us?

First of all, we aren't selling the Good News message, we're giving it away. We're working away at the Great Commission, but not getting a commission on the results! Whether people receive it or not is not our responsibility but we are responsible to give them the pitch (the Good News). Many people struggle with that, but the one who do manage to share will often chicken out on the big ask. After sharing the Good News they say something pathetic or weak like this..."I just wanted to share that with you." Or, "pray about this and see what you sense God saying." Why not simply say, "After hearing this message, do you believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior?" (Acts 2) Do you want to make him your Lord and Savior?" Is that such a scary question? They may say "no" or "not yet." They may think you're pushy. But unlike sales people we truly believe in what we're pedaling. Why would we hold back on making the not so big big ask? It could change someone's eternal destination. They have everything to gain, and we have nothing to lose. Don't be afraid to share the simple Good News message...and expect people to respond when you ask them to!

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: 1 Chronicles 6

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