Sunday, April 29, 2012

He Must Increase - Day 119

Last night was one of those famous instances in Neilson family lore where I should have listened to my wife. We were heading out to visit some friends and hadn't been to their country home in quite a while. We got to a fork in the road and my wife said left while I was turning the car right. After driving many miles down a long a twisty road I consented that I'd been wrong and she dialed them up for directions. And...much to my dismay it turns out she was right...again! Darn the luck. The big surprise was this; 500 yards down the wrong road there was a connection to the right road. There was a place to turn off the wrong road just ahead, and a chance to get heading back toward our actual destination. Go figure!

Our spiritual lives are like that. We have these intersections along the way, crossroads if you will. Sometimes we take a wrong turn and it seems such a long way to go back. But grace is that side road that we can turn to anytime. Grace is the side road that leads to forgiveness. Grace is that side road that magically reappears again and again when we find ourselves lost again and again. God has paved a road to himself through his son Jesus. So when your pride is dashed, and you've been humbled, and you're ready to admit where you went wrong (or to admit your wife was right), ask the Father for grace...and get back to traveling in the right direction.

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: 2 Kings 23-25


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