Thursday, April 26, 2012

He Must Increase - Day 116

I had a revelation last night watching the movie "Nacho Libre." There is a line where a bumbling monk (Nacho) says that the other monks don't respect what he knows. I won't quote the exact line, which is jr. high boy hilarious, but the essence of it is golden. Sometimes people in the church feel marginalized and disrespected by pastors and church leaders. They want to know that their thoughts and convictions merit consideration. They want to be heard, respected, and made to feel that what they think counts too. The "experts" see errors in their doctrine and logic and often say so without much consideration. There is a balance here. While we don't want to affirm people's doctrinal mistakes; we don't want to crush their spirits either. It takes a steady hand to carefully operate on people's beliefs and convictions without severing a critical artery. It's helpful to remember that some wrong beliefs pertain to vital areas and should be addressed quickly. Other wrong beliefs are fairly harmless and can be gently changed over time. It's also helpful for church leaders to remember that they didn't start out "in the know." And...we have't arrived yet either. Realizing that you are further along in the process, but still in process can help keep things in perspective.

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: 2 Kings 15-17

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