Thursday, April 12, 2012

He Must Increase-Day 103

I've been thinking about the resurrection since Sunday and it's cause me to ponder the resurrection of us. What will it be like when Jesus returns from heaven and the dead in Christ rise? There will be an appearance of Christ that no one on earth will miss. He will give a command, a trumpet will blow, and the bodies of every Christian who has ever died will come bursting out the ground. (1 Thess 4) That may seem disgusting, but it will only be for a second because in a flash those bodies will be transformed (1 Thess 15) into new glorious bodies.(Php 3:21) This all happens while we are joining Christ in the air by the way. After the dead in Christ, those Christians living at his return join the fun, except they get to skip the whole death and dying thing (not fair!). And when the bodies are transformed, it will be amazing! But you'll have to come to church Sunday to here that story!

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: 1 Kings 1-2

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