Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He Must Increase - 115

I talked to a friend yesterday who had just taken a test for promotion at work. He didn't feel like the test went that well and sounded pretty discouraged about it. Having just finished another bout of education I know a lot about tests. It's so easy to let your morale be affected by a test. It's tempting to gauge your self-worth by test results. We "pass or fail" tests but tests don't determine whether we are a success or failure; at least not paper tests. I told him that there are other tests in life that are more important and reminded him that he's passing the important ones. He is a man of God. He is a loving and devoted husband. His kids are being raised to know and love Jesus. He is passing the most important tests in life and that should offer some big picture perspective on the small picture promotion. Could I just point out to you that when we pass the important tests a promotion of epic proportions awaits us. We'll graduate from our lowly existence on earth to our heavenly existence in God's kingdom. And the greatest part about that heavenly entrance exam is that Jesus is the answer to all the questions!

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: 2 Kings 12-14

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