Friday, March 23, 2012

He Must Increase-Day 83

Have you ever ordered clothing online? Let's just say it's hard to get a good feel for what you're buying when you can't touch it, see it up close, or try it on. Some of us experience faith feel that way. We want to believe but we can't touch God. We haven't seen the miracles of Biblical proportion up close like the saints before us. We can't completely prove what we believe is true; but we CAN try it on. We can give it a shot, see how it fits us, how we like it.

That may sound good at a glance, but it's problematic. The Christian faith isn't something that we try on. It's something we consider, practice, and commit to. You can't really test drive the faith. Here's why: because all the guidelines, teaching, truths and practices are predicated on faith. Doing Christian things without faith cannot give you the true Christian experience. You can't try "faith" for a season. I can testify that the principles work; but the power behind them is accessed through our faith in Christ. I wonder if you've considered lately where your faith comes from? How did you find faith? What keeps your faith strong? Post your thoughts, I'd love to hear them.

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: Judges 13-15


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  1. Finding my faith was easy in that I grew up in the church. I honestly don't know what it is to not know about or have ever heard about Jesus or God. Maintaining faith...well that's different. Making the decision to follow Christ was a pretty easy choice, but keeping the fortitude to run the race isn't always easy.

    Though I'd say the one thing that makes it much easier is the time I spend in the word, time I spend in prayer and the devotion to fellowship. All of those sound like Sunday School answers, which they would be if it wasn't lived out. Every week my best friend either comes to my house for coffee or I go to hers...every week! While it started out as just a reason to make time for our friendship and be intentional about it as with most things of God it has grown into more than just coffee and knitting but accountability, prayer and fellowship. I know that I can let out all my frustrations and that when she leaves she'll be praying for me and my week and I her.

    Also, my house is a constant reminder of the blessings God has poured out on me. Having all those little ones, on one income means that we depend daily on the Lord for all of our needs. Just one look at my fabric stash and God shows himself as the Great Provider that He is, that he takes care of the food, the clothes and the shelter and then so much more.