Wednesday, March 21, 2012

He Must Increase-Day 81

I had a snowy winter drive to Albany this morning. I love the snow and really don’t mind driving it, but we never…I mean never…have snow in the valley the week before Spring Break. Crazy! I know nothing about Albany; I know I’ve been there before but I have no sense of the town at all. I had a Google map which is helpful about half of the time and of course…I ended up lost. Typical me. Fortunately my wife was home today and could go online to feed me directions.

If you have ever driven around in circles wondering where you are and what you should do next you know what it’s like to be lost. How do you decide which turn to take next? How do you decide the next new strategy that you hope will lead you to your destination? What makes this way better than that way when you are lost? Nothing. It’s all subjective. Its guess work. It’s random at best and aimless at worst. And yet, would I pull over to ask for directions? Nope. Stop for a moment to look at a roadmap? Who has a roadmap in their car anymore? So the search goes on, and on and on. And that is how people who are lost operate spiritually.

What should I believe? What should I do? Which direction should I take my life? What decision should I make? Wandering. Aimless. Guessing. Fumbling their way through life. Ironically, one simple call to the Father could set things on a different path. Pulling over to check the road map before making a decision. Stopping to ask people on the same path for directions. We call these things prayer, Bible reading, and wise counsel. But the unbeliever doesn’t have those resources yet. So they wander and wander until they’re lost enough to ask for new directions. And hopefully, there is helpful believer who is willing to take the time to help them read the map. Be that man or woman today. Be the street sign, the road map, the friendly stranger whose ready to point people to Jesus.

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: Judges 8-9

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