Thursday, March 15, 2012

He Must Increase-Day 75

You ever wonder what you're accomplishing? Everyone does sometimes. We all tend to think that our jobs are different. We like to tell ourselves that our jobs are more difficult than everyone else's jobs. If you're a physical laborer you think your job is tough physically. If you're in customer service you feel like your job is a slow drain all day while attending to customer's problems. Cops have tough calls. Nurses have tough cases. Pastor have difficult people. Road workers have rainy today.

We all tend to think that we are special...our mommies told us so! But the truth is that we're all very much the same. There are difficult parts to every job. No one's job is always good or always bad. Some days are better than others, some days are worse. Can I suggest that this is just life. This is how life goes. The same is true in your marriage, with your kids, with you church, and with every other part of your world. But our work seems different because we have to do it. We feel stuck doing this thing which we depend on for our sustenance and survival. Solomon asked "So what do people get in this life for all their hard work and anxiety? Their days of labor are filled with pain and grief; even at night their minds cannot rest. It is all meaningless."(Ecclesiastes 2:22-23)

Why is it meaningless? For several reasons. First, it's meaningless because most of what we do won't last. We'll work and sweat and worry and stress for years and then retire and then die. (I realize that sounds fatalistic but Solomon was like that!) All the things that we accomplish, even if we are someone famous like Solomon, are mostly forgotten once we pass. None of the things we work for (pay, promotion, and prominence)are lasting. And yet, we get so wrapped up in our meaningless jobs. If all that stuff is meaningless, what is meaningful? Our relationship with Christ. Our families. Our friends. The work we do for the Father. Time spent in the Word of God. Fellowship with Christ's church. Memories shared with wives, kids, and grandkids (someday!). Those are mine, what are the meaningful things you can concern yourself with today that might be more beneficial/productive that the monotony of a meaningless job?

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: Josh 16-18


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