Friday, January 27, 2012

He Must Increase-Day 27

Yesterday I was able to watch 30 minutes of the funeral for legendary Penn State Football coach Joe Paterno. I was on the treadmill at the gym trying to hold it together while former players eulogized this well loved coach. I didn't catch everything that was said because I was having to read it on the tele-prompter...but it was emotional. People were crying, people were clapping, people were telling stories about this hero from the sporting world. He brought in foreign players, he helped ease racial tension, he gave millions to the school for building projects, he helped pay adoption fees, went on well past my cardiovascular resolve.

The entire service lasted a long time, had thousands of alumni and supporters, and was nationally televised. I kept hearing Joe Paterno said this, Joe Paterno said that, but I never heard Jesus. I may have given up too soon, but I never heard anyone say anything about Jesus. I heard one faint reference to "Catholic" but that was it. I prayed while I was watching for someone to give credit to Jesus. I prayed for someone to mention the name of Jesus. But all I heard was Joe Paterno.

Let me offer this disclaimer before I make my point. I didn't watch the whole ceremony, I'm not sure what was said at the private family funeral, and I am not criticizing Joe Paterno or his family. But that whole scene set me to thinking about a couple of things. What do I want people to remember about my life when I die? What do I want them to talk about as they sum up my life? If I could influence a sea of people in this world, what legacy would I leave through them? What name do I want spoken the most at my memorial service? Jesus. Just Jesus. He....must increase.

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: Exodus 28-29


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