Thursday, January 19, 2012

He Must Increase-Day 19

It's not about you. It's certainly not about me. But we make it about us. This morning I was reading about Moses being sent by God to speak to Pharaoh. You've probably read the story. Moses doesn't want to go. He doesn't want to speak up for the Lord. He starts making excuses about being clumsy with his words. (Some commentators think that he may have had a stutter). Eventually God agrees to send Moses some reinforcements in the form of his more eloquent brother Aaron.

The part that stuck out to me was Exodus 4:11-12. God said to Moses, "Who makes a person’s mouth? Who decides whether people speak or do not speak, hear or do not hear, see or do not see? Is it not I, the LORD? Now go! I will be with you as you speak, and I will instruct you in what to say.” It's apparently not about Moses either!

God doesn't need us to accomplish his purposes. There are no franchise players on his team. No personalities that he needs as his front man. He graciously allows us to participate in what he's doing...and what he's doing is about Him; not us. Did God know of Moses' speaking limitations? Most certainly. Did it deter him? Absolutely not. So why did it deter Moses? Why did he take his eyes off what God was trying to do (liberate an entire nation of people from slavery) and put the focus back on himself? Fear. Selfishness. Shame. Insecurities. Cowardice. All these things could be the culprit. But whatever the motivation, the result was a failure to place the focus on Him.

Are there any areas in your life which your taking the focus off of God and onto yourself? Probably. More importantly, how can you make what God wants about him, and not about you?

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: Exodus 4-6


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