Thursday, January 12, 2012

He Must Increase-Day 12

Ever watched a fly bounce against a window repeatedly? It's trying to escape. Doink off the glass! It sees where it wants to go. Doink off the glass! The outdoors are calling it. Doink off the glass! It keeps trying over and over but can't seem to make any progress. I feel like saying, "Look you stupid fly, you can't go through a closed window! Stop buzzing in my office and wise up!" But of course, flies aren't intelligent like people and it wouldn't work. Dumb flies.

We're much smarter. We make bold declarations each year about what we're going to do different. We're 12 days into the new's it going? Lost that weight? Are you sticking to your diet? Have you read your Bible every day? Have you been a better husband or parent? Did you quit smoking? Did you start eating more vegetables? Are you getting where you're going? Doink. Doink. Doink. Yes, we are much smarter than flies.

The problem that flies have is that they can't see the thing that is interfering with them. Glass. But many Christians don't see the thing that is interfering with them either. Ephesians 6:10-12 tells us, "Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places."

There is an unseen enemy in the heavenly realms who is strategizing against us. He is fighting us. He is using his power to trip us up. Doink. Doink. Doink. Ever wondered what's holding us back? Satan doesn't want you to succeed. He doesn't want you to make progress. He doesn't want you accomplish Kingdom things for the Lord. Evil spirits may sound scary...but don't freak out. God gives us armor. He gives us strength. He has given us weapons of war. But none of that matters if we fail to realize that we're in a fight. So if you're stuck and powerless, maybe it's time to "be strong in the Lord" and to to strap on your armor. Maybe it's time to break through that barrier! Superfly!

Read the Bible in One Year Plan: Genesis 35-37


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